Reaching Gold Cap : Wow Schools


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This idiot proof course teaches you how to use a level 1 character to reach gold cap (pay attention losers, it doesn’t get any easier than this, for those of you are completely stupid, this means when you create a character, you have the ability from the start to reach gold cap). It starts out with 0 gold and progresses you through each of the 7 lessons in different gold phases to get as much gold as you want.

Reaching Gold Cap…Now I realize that some of you who aren’t completely retarded may have more than 0 gold, most of you probably do, but these methods are guaranteed to work that it can be done without any gold whatsoever for those big time losers out there who can’t even spell their name.

The BEST NEWS is, that if you have some gold, it will help you get to the gold cap even faster as you will be able to skip through some of the beginning lessons.

Of course, for the idiots who can’t comprehend or read simple language, this entire lesson plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With the guidance of WoW Schools, you’ll have everything you need to buy anything you want in World of Warcraft.

Have you ever wanted to open a trade window, put up 200,000 gold, and flip off people who get into arguments with you in trade-chat? You’ll soon be able to after downloading this course.