What we really want are the things that money can buy us — freedom, flexibility, security and interesting experiences. But you don’t need massive amounts of wealth to get these things. You need balance, planning and goals. And if you focus on achieving those things, you’ll be much happier than if you just set out to be rich.

Hi, my name is Alvin Lim. I am from Singapore. I am married with a beautiful wife and daughter. I love to network sharing, learn with people, build relationship and make friends. As you know wealth without Happiness is like an house with people live in and has no meaning.

As such because of this i have created this Internet Global Business website to network with people not just to do business but help people understand what is Wealth Creation is all about. Yes money is the root of evil but not if we are educated. We can help people to use their money to do good things and make this world will be a better world.

My coach wanted me to write this pages i literally rushing into it and Whamp! Jesus it’s aweful after reading it. So if you don’t mind it will
change it whenever i can. That’s me doop!

May God bless you and me.

I have these niches in my website which i think maybe helpful to some people or people who want to do some small business. And get a kick start.

If You Want to Be Rich And Happy:-
1. You Need to Invest
2. You Need to Start Now
3. Making Money Is Hard Work
4. You’re Probably Spending Too Much
5. You Need to Make More, Not Just Spend Less
6. Even When You Start Accumulating Wealth and cut cost.

Do You Really Want to Be Rich?

“Rich people are prone to all the same maladies and emotions as anyone else, and at the same frequency. And certainly, in some cases, money itself can cause stress and unhappiness. But, with one difference — if you’re unhappy and rich, you have money. And money buys creature comforts.” — Steven Kane

Thanks to all who visited my website and i will certainly look into your comments.